August 1964

Taisei Kankou Kotsu Co,.Ltd (Okura Limousine Service) was established.

October 1964

We started our operation at Hotel Okura Tokyo. We had 30 vehicles for operation.

In 1997

Join the International Limousine Association (I.L.A.)

March 1999

Hiroyasu Tomita became the president & CEO by transferring of shares from Okura Co. to Hinomaru Limousine Co,.Ltd.

April 1999

We decided to continue our business under the influence of Hinomaru Limousine Co,.Ltd. by using the name of “Okura Limousine Service.”

June 2013

Kazuhiro Tomita became new president & C.E.O.

September 2015

Due to the reconstruction of main building of Hotel Okura, we moved the office to the present address(3-7-2 Toranomon Minato-ku, TOKYO) from there